B.A.      Concordia University, Joint Honours English Literature and Creative Writing, September 2009-April 2013, Montreal, Quebec

Professional Experience

•   Research Assistant, Concordia University (September 2013-present)

•   Social Media Coordinator, Souvenir, Talisman, Toy an exhibit by Prof. Erica Lehrer shown at the Seweryn Uzdiela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow (May-June 2013)

•   VP Publications, Concordia Association for Students in English (September 2012-April 2013)

•   Editor-in-Chief, Soliloquies Literary Journal (September 2011-April 2013)

•   Programs Assistant, Summer Literary Seminars: Montreal, Canada; Vilnius, Lithuania (April 2010- August 2012)

•   Editorial Assistant, Lemon Hound (September 2010-May 2011)

•   Curator & Event Coordinator, Synapse Reading Series (September 2010-December 2011)

•   Fiction & Poetry Editor, Soliloquies Anthology (October 2009-August 2011)

Creative Publications

•   Polish Moms, a series of vignettes, The Literarian, Online (Spring 2013)

•   They’re, there, their, short story, Dragnet Magazine, Issue Seven, Online (Winter 2013)

•   Women Like Ants, found poem, Headlight Anthology, Print (Spring 2012)

•   Roleplay, short story, Ribbon Pig, Issue One, Print (Fall 2011)

•   Guglujom (goog-lu-yom), poem, Montreal International Poetry Prize Longlist Anthology, Online (Fall 2011)

Published Articles

•   Volunteers and Dybbuks, Jews of Krakow, Online (July 2013)

•   Feel Like at Home,, Online (January 2013)

•   Parisian Tourist Tips (the Basics), French Culture Guide, Online (September 2012)

•   The Suspension of Disbelief: How to Avoid Paris Syndrome, French Culture Guide, Online (October 2012)

•   Review of Todd Swift’s England is Mine, Matrix Magazine, Print (Spring 2012)

•   Write to the Death: Round Two of Montreal’s Literary Death Match, The Link Newspaper, Print & Online (October 2011)

•   Fringe Foodie: A Not-So-Secret Garden, The Link Newspaper, Online (July 2011)

•   Fringe Foodie: Wine, Singing & Pad Thai, Where Else but Nantha’s?, The Link Newspaper, Online (May 2011)

•   Conversation with Steph Colburn and Lizy Mostowski on Sheryda Warrener’s “Hard Feelings”, Lemon Hound, Online (May 2011)

•   Barmaid to Measure: Author Maya Merrick Mixes Business with Pleasure, The Link Newspaper, Print & Online (March 2011)

•   You’re Got Another Drink Coming, The Link Newspaper, Print & Online (January 2011)

•   ‘Not a False Moment’: Playwright Linda Griffith Teaches Storytelling at ConU, The Link Newspaper, Print & Online (January 2011)

Invited Readings

•   Scrivener Magazine Launch (October 2012)

•   Maisonneuve Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Launch (May 2012)

•   Pilot Reading Series (September 2011, February 2013)

Research Interests

•   Holocaust Literature

•   Polish Culture & Language

•   Jewish Autobiography

•   Modern Poetry